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The Orbost Education Centre Inc. is a community based not-for-profit LearnLocal organisation situated in a lovely part of East Gippsland.


The Centre has been in operation since 1976 and is proudly run by a loyal and committed team of volunteers and paid staff.  Our members and clientele covers a diverse range of individuals and organisations exemplifying the richness of the local community.


Our programs and activities respond to the needs of the local community, providing an accessible and inclusive agenda which fosters belonging and community spirit, reduces social dislocation and ultimately improves the wellbeing of the community's members.  We deliver short courses throughout the year for people of all ages and backgrounds, promoting learning, connectedness and belonging.


The Centre works closely with its community partners and is supported by funding and goodwill from the community, state government and non-government organisations.

Vision and Mission Statement


To inspire lifelong learning, advance knowledge, and strengthen our community through the provision  of  programs and services which engage, empower and connect people and organisations.



  • To manage the Orbost Education Centre and provide facilities and services for community access.

  • To provide an inclusive, non judgmental, innovative and nurturing education environment, tailored to individual needs within our community.

  • To provide Information & Communication Technology training services to facilitate optimal outcomes for our participants.

  • To create a positive learning environment in order  to foster the greatest potential educational outcomes for our participants.

  • To encourage participants to develop viable education pathways and achieve personal or vocational goals.

  • To monitor our local community and respond with appropriate training and educational opportunities as they arise, through the implementation of needs surveys and advertising.

  • To provide pathways into accredited training and referrals as appropriate for course and career advice.

  • To continue to develop Adult Community Education partnerships with other service providers within our community.

  • To participate with other ACE service providers in the exchange of information and support.

  • To continue to work in collaboration with Job Active Providers and government agencies to assist potential participants with access to relevant education programs.​

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